About Us

It wasn’t until last spring, my brother and I had the idea to put a buzz bait blade in the center of a flasher, which would later lead to the development of BYO Flashers Company. Within hours of our initial brainstorming session, I was already at the store buying materials, while my brother was designing the program to mount the blade in the flasher. By the next day, a close friend and I were already experimenting with our new product, on what looked to be a slow day at the mouth of the Multnomah Channel. We ended up landing three Spring Chinook, losing two others, and knew we were on to something great.

In the weeks to follow, we, along with a few local guides, continued testing the BYO Sonic Flashers, and the results were plentiful. Everyone seemed to notice immediately, the rod with the BYO Sonic Flasher would catch the most fish out of any rod in the boat.

During the summer, we began selling the flashers at local fairs and tackle shops. By fall, the BYO Sonic Flasher had developed a strong reputation, and demand was quickly on the rise, especially after Mazama Sporting Goods (Eugene, OR) and Dey’s Bait and Tackle (Lebanon, OR) both began carrying them. Fisherman’s Marine & Outdoor (Oregon City, Delta Park & Tigard, OR) recently began stocking them within the last month for fisherman in the Portland Metro area.

We are confident in our new product and upon use of the BYO Flasher; you will immediately notice the difference.

Proudly Made in Oregon

Thank you and good luck in 2012

Seth and Zach