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 A new twist on a great design; Vibration + Flash = More bites!


Specially Engineered to be Effective

Our specially engineered flashers have been consistently proven effective in helping you catch more fish.

Wide Variety of Choices

We offer our lures in four colors of plastic blanks and an array of tape colors including UV finishes. All flashers fishing lures come complete with swivels.


Standard Flashers 

Our line of standard flashers not only comes with a variety of tape colors,but also a variety of plastic colors

including Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Pink, Black and  Clear. With multiple tape colors including UV, it  makes the color combinations seem almost endless.



The response to this flasher by fishermen that have used them has been overwhelmingly positive.

The sonic flasher combines two proven fish attractors;  vibration and flash, by hard mounting a quad wing buzz bait blade in the center of a low drag flasher the Sonic Flasher increases your chances of your presentation getting bit.

Available in multiple colored blanks and tape finishes.

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